FREELANDER TECH SDN. BHD. incorporated on 18th March 2014 as an independent company with 100% owned and operated by Bruneians.

We are the Pioneer in Brunei Darussalam for operating Graco’s EcoQuip™ of Vapor Abrasive Blasting Equipment for the removal of coatings and surface preparation in the Oil & Gas and Petro-chemical plant industries.

Our workforces are our strength, our human capital comprises of various experts with are highly qualified and skilled professionals; compromising of managers, engineers and technician with vast experience in the Oil & Gas industries. This team will bring their valuable knowledge in Project Management, Engineering, Execution, Inspection, and Health & Safety to the company. This team of exceptional individual along with their strong background and track record are ready to serve the industry with professionalism and dedication to exceed client’s expectation.

Delivering innovate quality and environmentally friendly products and services

Our Vision & Mission

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    Our Vision

    To be an industry leader in surface preparation and coating services company in Brunei Darussalam

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    Our Mission

    We believe in developing and maintaining long term relationship with our customers by delivering innovate quality and environmentally friendly products and services and to satisfy our stakeholders for sustained success

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    Nature of business

    We offer a one-stop shop service for blasting and painting. From end-to-end blasting and painting contracts, from training personnel competent to industrial standards, manpower supply of various trades, equipment, scaffolding to consumables

Firdaus Junit

Firdaus Junit

HSE Coordinator

Firdaus Junit is a NEBOSH IGC in Occupational Health and Safety holder with experience more than 10 years in Health, Safety and Environment in Oil and Gas industry. His role is to maintain a capable HSE organization with adequate resources to provide advisory and specialist support on Health, Safety and Environment for the implementation of the HSE Management System (HSEMS) throughout FTSB.

Firdaus is a motivated, experienced and committed safety person who is goal oriented, energetic, and versatile problem-solver with a genuine interest in implementing and maintaining best practice health and safety standards for the company. Hard working, disciplined and able to communicate and get along with both colleagues and senior managers.

As custodian of the HSEMS and acting as the management representative for FTSB, Firdaus has developed the necessary HSE Plan for the project/contract and to ensure that it is implemented and carried out safely. He is also the focal point of contact with clients’ regulatory authorities and other external interested parties on all HSE matters.

Azrul Mulup

Azrul Mulup

Commercial Manager

I’ve worked for over 16 years in the Oil & Gas industry with several companies which involved in project management, engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning of onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities. Started Oil & Gas career in 2007 as Work packing and Field Engineer for Offshore Topside Maintenance and moved to EPCC Onshore and Offshore consist of Offshore Structural Modification, Upgrading Project, Installation and Commissioning Onshore and Subsea Pipeline. Been involved in Contract Management and Project Costing since 2011.

Joining Freelander Tech in 2021 as Commercial Manager. With knowledge and experience in business improvements and cost optimization together with support from FTSB team members, my aims to continuously developing the Company growth.

Maria Abdullah

Maria Abdullah

HR Admin Coordinator

I oversee the overall aspects of the Human Resource matters in Freelander Tech Sdn Bhd, where I lead the organization’s HR Policies, Employee Relations, Remuneration, benefit scheme and most importantly performance and to ensure sufficient manpower for work scope completion and to meet Client’s and Contractual requirement.

I am ecstatic to be part of the Freelander Tech Family and to be given the opportunity to be part of the team in seeing the organization grow to a greener pasture. Together we will achieve our mission for the nation.

Evelyn Tang

Evelyn Tang

Chief Finance Office / Account Manager

As part of the Accounting team in Freelander Tech Sdn Bhd, I work cooperatively with other team to achieve a common goal or objective.'

Tan Han Koon

Tan Han Koon

Operation Manager

Since the IFM contract had been awarded to FTSB at early 2022, I'm blessed to be given the prilivege to join this company as Ops Manager and I hoped my 16th years of Oil and Gas experience can contribute to the success of the company for the future undertaking.

My career path started from bottom at work site and eventually progress to Supv, QC inspector, offshore Superintendent and till present to where I'm at now. Througout the course I've embraced myself with knowledge and confidence albiet mistakes were make. Presently I'm a holder of mechanical engineer and BGAS Inspection qualification.

My role here at FTSB is to manage and monitor of the overall operation of offshore fabric maintenance project i.e. establish and monitor overall process system from onshore support inclusive of resources planning/handling, objectives setting for increased output and improved efficiency, annual project planning, individual location execution plan, etc and also coordination with client on scope allocation, forecast and delivery of project in a safe and quality manner.

Of course, above tasks is not mine alone. I'm blessed to embrace with a commited and delicated team at FTSB which from everyone's determination carved the whole sculpture.

Bandy Rahman

Bandy Rahman

FAP/ Abseil Coordinator

As a leader, I involve my team to make the decisions so that they feel involved and ensure they have the opportunity to contribute to the task. We execute First Aid Painting on all corrosion piping and structural as well which was requested by Brunei Shell Petroleum on both location Champion 7 and Ampa/Fairley platform by using Abseil techniques.

Being part of the Freelander Tech team is one of the best experiences which is getting to know them very well and enjoy to be with them.

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